Aurora photo trip


Aurora photo trip

Aurora photo trip

Offer a full range of photo adventures including aurora photo expeditions. During the trip you are provided with a camera and tripods.

We start the trip by going to our photo location. We will have hot drinks and short introduction about camera techniques and photography tips for aurora picture taking.

Do not worry if you have never used camera before, our professional photographers will quickly teach you the skills for taking picture of the magical aurora borealis. Those memories and photos will last a lifetime.

If you don't have your own memory card and you can buy from us. 

Starting time in the evening. Duration about 3 hours.





  • 攝影團每晚出團時間為晚上8點至11點結束。完整的3小時。
  • 除非暴風雪無法出團,正常情況下都會出團。
  • 中文/英文攝影教學,並幫您與極光合照。
  • 參加極光攝影團提供單眼相機及腳架(參加攝影團,報到現場借即可,不用預約。相機出借僅攝影團期間使用,攝影團結束請歸還。)當然您可以使用您自備的相機。
  • 請自備SD記憶卡。如果你沒有自己的記憶卡,可以向我們購買。
  • 攝影團由Frank Lee親自帶團,中文/英文解說。
  • 我們有自己的帳蓬並在其中生火取暖等待極光出現。
  • 本活動提供相機、腳架、保暖衣物都是包含在團費裡。
  • 我們也提供專業級的相機設備租借,請事先預訂。